Welterweight king Mounir ‘Sniper’ Lazzez signs with MTK MMA

Undefeated mixed martial arts professional joins growing pool of MTK MMA fighters

Mounir ‘Sniper’ Lazzez is the newest addition to MTK MMA’s rapidly-expanding team.

After a two-year hiatus from mixed martial arts, his highly-anticipated comeback at last December’s Phoenix Fighting Championship ended in victory over Christophe van Dijck.

Known for his impressive technique and cunning style, Lazzez boasts a glitzy highlight reel of KO and TKO finishes and holds a perfect record of six victories from six contests.

Having signed up with MTK MMA, the fighting pride of Tunisia is determined to prove the best is yet to come.

Lazzez said: “I am thrilled to have finally joined MTK MMA. I have lived and breathe through this sport. I haven’t lost any of my skills or instincts and being signed with MTK MMA, I trust that I’m in really good hands.”

MTK MMA Head of Operations, Kieran Keddle stated: “It is indeed another great signing for MTK MMA. Mounir truly embodies what his alias is; he is very much a ‘Sniper’. He’s finished matches via KO or TKO against some of the most dangerous opponents out there. He is a master and a future MMA champion.”

MTK Global CEO, Sandra Vaughan is enthusiastic over Lazzez’s prospects having added another significant name to the roster.

Vaughan added: “We are extremely pleased to welcome Mounir to the MTK MMA team. I strongly believe that he has a firepower to bring the brand forward. With his great athleticism, speed and ability to KO opponents, we have a future champion.”

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