Darren Till is pushing his body to its outer limits ahead of Saturday’s UFC world title fight against champion Tyron Woodley in Dallas, Texas.

Sparring partners of the Liverpudlian have come away with several injuries but when quizzed as to his own fitness, the unbeaten ‘Gorilla’ insisted physical problems are part and parcel of being a fighter.

Till told the assembled media: “It’s the same old sh*t. I’ve got broken bones, broken hands and I’m sure every fighter has. I’ve just got the balls to discuss it. What you see is what you get with me.

“Every fighter goes into a fight at around 90%. They don’t go in 100% and if they do, they haven’t trained right.

“I train my balls off every day. Every day I punch people hard and my hands are hurting. Us fighters carry injuries.

“Unless I trip now on one of these wires and break my leg, nothing’s keeping me out of that fight. It never will.

“If I go into that fight with an injury, I won’t speak about it. If I lose that fight because of an injury, I won’t speak about it afterwards

“When you go into a fight, you go in knowing you can win. If you say afterwards that you didn’t win because of this, then you didn’t go into that fight knowing you can win.”

Watch Woodley vs. Till on BT Sport on Saturday night from 1am


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