MMA is an acronym that stands for “Mixed Martial Arts” and it is a combat sport that combines many martial arts such as boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling.

It is a popular sport and has helped to promote many different martial arts, but it is also known for its controversial nature. Some people have characterized it as “human cock-fighting” and even Senator John McCain called it “the world’s greatest sport of violence.”

Fights are held in either a cage or a ring according to the rules of UFC. There are some restrictions on the type of fights and punches that can be used. These restrictions include strikes to the spine and back of the head, groin strikes, biting, eye-gouging, and kicking/kneeing a grounded opponent.

There are also some disciplinary rules in MMA, including disqualification for fouls and violations of the rules of the sport. If a fighter commits an illegal action three times, they will be given a warning by the referee, but if they continue to break the rules they will be disqualified and their opponent will win.

MMA is also a great way to build self-discipline and courage. Often, fighters come from tough backgrounds and have been pushed to the limit, so when they are in a situation that seems impossible for them to overcome, they are ready to step up.