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What We Do

MTK Global is the world’s foremost fighter management company. We provide the highest level of professional support and services to more than a hundred fighters. This includes fights, career development, legal, media, endorsements and sponsorships. We are committed to train and produce the finest fighters in the business.

Who We Are

We take pride with our unrivalled expertise in boxer management, relations, training, and event promotions. We believe that our hands-on experience and extensive knowledge of the sport are the pillars of what makes us great in the world of boxing.

Where We Are

We have firmly established our presence in 9 locations worldwide with boxing gyms and training facilities in Marbella, London, New York, Johannesburg, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Scotland.


Being a professional boxer takes a lot of courage, commitment and ambition, it is a gruelling yet fulfilling career. It was when I was living out of a kit bag, going from place to place, training hard in the cold and damp, it dawned on me that I could do it a better way. I had been spending my downtime in Malaga, Spain because of its warm weather and great hills for running – it was the perfect location that kept me going in between those fights. Then I thought of reinventing myself, maybe managing some fighters or setting up a boxing gym with the help of friends.

A few months later, I was standing in a room, newly painted and refurbished with a couple of punching bags. I was watching Michael Conlan on TV competing at the London Olympics and realised that I was looking at someone with a high potential. I felt that my time had come to help boxers create their own niche and pass on the wisdom and experience that I have gained throughout my career. The idea grew and eventually, MTK Global was established. It is a testament to how quickly we have grown that we recently signed Michael Conlan to MTK Global.

As a company, we have come from out of nowhere to becoming the most sought after boxer management company. At the core of what we do is simply taking care of our boxers the best way we can. We go the extra mile in helping these lads achieve their dreams. That’s what my team and I pride ourselves in – that’s what we are here for. It has been a phenomenal growth since we started and there is no other way but to keep on moving and expanding.

Matthew “Mack The Knife” Macklin
Founder of MTK GLOBAL

Irish Middleweight Champion 2005/2006
British Middleweight Champion 2009
European Middleweight Champion 2009 – 2011
WBC International Super-Welterweight Champion 2015 – 2016

Matthew Macklin

The Team

Kieran Keddle

Head of MTK MMA Operations


Dan Harris

Head Commissioner

MTK MMA Events

Marcelo Brigadeiro

Head of International Business Development


Simon Jays

Contracts & Logistics Manager


John Gillies



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